The Best Jams Flavors to Give at Christmas

People love getting a delicious jar of homemade jam for Christmas.
The big question is: Which kind? To answer that question, I’m going to give you our top recommendations.
Christmas Jam
This is easily our best selling jam this time of the year. It’s a wonderful blend of real cranberries and strawberries.
It’s sweet, but has a refreshing tartness from the cranberries. Perfect with a bagel or muffin on Christmas morning.
Blackberry Jam
This jam is one of our most popular flavors all year long. With its rich, dark color and bold blackberry flavor, it’s simply a classic.
Dutch Apple Butter
More than any of our other products, Dutch Apple Butter has a connection to our ancestry.
Originally created in Europe hundreds of years ago as a way to preserve the apple harvest, it’s still a common spread in many Amish and Mennonite homes today.
We love it on warm biscuits!
Hope this helps make your holiday jam shopping easier!

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