The Veggie Quartet

The Veggie Quartet

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If you love unique pickled veggies, relishes, and sweet salsas, you have to try this 4 pack!

- Corn Relish

- Homestyle Chunky Salsa (hot)

- Southern Chow Chow (mild)

- Bread and Butter Squash



Absolutely love what you buy, or we'll refund your money.

From our customers


These jams are absolutely the *BEST* I just received my shipment yesterday. Will be a steady customer of Rachels TX Kitchen. The strawberry I had this AM was wonderful ! TY so much Rachels Tx Kitchens <3

- Marty Ronhovde

All 4 jars arrived in good shape. Beautiful color. I have only sampled the apple butter so far and it is the real McCoy. Delish!

- Cathe Maples